Whether due to wear and tear, incorrect operation, inadequate maintenance, defective design, leaks, or other mode of failure, our forensic engineering experts can help you determine the root cause(s) and provide you with solutions to the underlying problems.

forensic engineering of mechanical equipment

Mechanical-related issues within buildings can manifest themselves in many forms. For example, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) assessments are becoming more common as buildings become tighter, more energy-efficient, more automated, and less forgiving system performance. HVAC issues can also result in collateral effects on building envelopes and architectural systems, which can improperly redirect experts to provide forensic engineering opinions that do not address the actual problem. Our cross-discipline forensic engineering expertise has resulted in the correct decisions and earlier settlements.

Similarly, for plumbing and drainage, our engineering experts have assessed issues that were previously considered the symptom of the problem rather than the root cause. With a sound understanding of metallurgy and mechanical design, our forensic engineering analysis redirected the origin and cause of the actual problem; This assisted in better identifying participating parties.

Causes of Mechanical Failures

Every industrial, commercial and residential installation faces distinct mechanical equipment challenges that are unique to each facility. Common failures of mechanical equipment are often due to wear and tear, obsolescence, mechanical damage(s), incorrect operation, failure to follow the manufacturer’s specifications, improper selection of parts, inadequate maintenance and lubrication, excessive vibration and heating, misalignments and unbalances, water and oil leaks, pneumatic or hydraulic problems, etc.

Arbitech’s forensic engineers have extensive experience investigating failures and malfunctions of a wide variety of mechanical components and machinery, including; pipes, valves and bulk storage tanks, furnaces, boilers and HVAC systems, fire sprinkler systems, heavy equipment and engines, elevators, manufacturing equipment and industrial machines, recreational equipment, etc. 

Our Forensic Mechanical Engineers

Arbitech’s forensic engineers have decades of experience investigating the broad failure modes that mechanical equipment and machines offer. Our forensic engineering team can perform a wide range of non-intrusive and laboratory examinations and tests to determine the root cause(s) of equipment-related issues, assist you with documenting evidence and provide you with Courtroom-ready expert reports.

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