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Litigation support is taking on a new face. Courts are bogged down. Even small claims become onerously expensive and unnecessarily grueling. Arbitech offers a better way.

At Arbitech, you will find all your Construction Claims Support and Forensic Engineering needs met …

Construction Claims Support – Expert Witness

Reliable on-site assessment, claim preparation, Experienced Valuation and Proven Mitigation

Just what is the bottom line?

Construction and Delay Claims

About 30% of construction projects end in dispute and in Canada, that’s about $50 billion annually. Disputes require extensive time and resources to resolve and, in some cases, take years to arrive at a resolution.

When disputes do arise, Arbitech’s clients rely on our objective technical analysis of schedule and costs, in-depth knowledge of industry standards of practice, and litigation support services. We focus on the identification of root causes of change, delay, acceleration, disruption, and other unforeseen events. We can assign responsibility where appropriate and quantify the damages.

Arbitech offers a full range of construction claims services to meet the needs of each individual project.

  • Claim Preparation
  • Claim Evaluation

  • Litigation Support

  • Productivity Studies

  • Schedule Analysis

  • Damages Quantification

  • Cost Estimating and Valuation

  • Risk Mitigation

Arbitech’s construction claims specialists conduct site visits, consult with project managers and contract administrators, and review documentation procedures to help reduce construction claims risk. Our forensic engineers can also act as expert witness to provide abbreviated time to resolve and settle your claims.

Forensic engineering – Expert witness

you’ll see more than engineering expertise


All of our forensic engineers have decades of experience in legal support, design and construction.  They use that intellectual knowledge base to assess the root cause of failures and determine what is needed to fix the issue. See our current list of experts for more information.  The list is constantly growing.


Be it site documentation, sample collection and custody, historic document examination, or data analysis, our forensic engineers are professional and thorough. Each bit of evidence used to form opinions is supported by thorough documentation.


Our forensic engineering reports have proven to be independent, coherent, comprehensive, and defensible. As an instrument of service we convey our opinions in a manner that is persuasive and ethical.  Most importantly, our opinions have replaced bias or indecision with a well-reasoned and supported explanation of the obligations, faults, issues caused, costs, and consequences.

early neutral evaluation and alternative dispute resolution

Making ADR work like it was supposed to​…

Why use Arbitech for ADR?     Excellent Question…  

We specialize in adjudication of smaller claims and apply our subject matter expertise to cut through the smoke.  While some people suggest that subject matter expertise risks bias, we disagree.  We think it speeds the process, reduces costs, and goes right to the reason that ADR was originally implemented. 

What we will provide to your Early Neutral Evaluation or ADR:

  • Claim assessment to determine if it is worthwhile to pursue or defend
  • Building performance failure (structural, leaking, premature deterioration, and warranties),

  • Contract disputes (CCDC ADR, lien claims, and payments),
  • Construction and Delay claims (HOOH, unforeseen conditions, and interference), and
  • Professional negligence (practice compliance, contractual obligation, and regulatory obligations)

Arbitech can bring closure before you initiate a claim through mediation or arbitration long before the adversarial process becomes so rooted that emotions rather than evidence drive the resolution.

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