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Construction and Delay Claims

About 30% of construction projects end in dispute and in Canada, that’s about $50 billion annually. Disputes require extensive time and resources to resolve and, in some cases, take years to arrive at a resolution.

When disputes do arise, Arbitech’s clients rely on our objective technical analysis of schedule and costs, in-depth knowledge of industry standards of practice, and litigation support services. We focus on the identification of root causes of change, delay, acceleration, disruption, and other unforeseen events. We can assign responsibility where appropriate and quantify the damages.

Arbitech offers a full range of construction claims services to meet the needs of each individual project.

  • Claim Preparation
  • Claim Evaluation

  • Litigation Support

  • Productivity Studies

  • Schedule Analysis

  • Damages Quantification

  • Cost Estimating and Valuation

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Expert Witness

Arbitech’s construction claims specialists conduct site visits, consult with project managers and contract administrators, and review documentation procedures to help reduce construction claims risk and to provide abbreviated time for construction-related claims resolution. Our construction claims experts also act as expert witness to help you settle your claims.

Assistance at Mediation

While some mediators suggest that having your expert attend can stymie settlement, we disagree.  In fact, our attendance at mediations has been the catalyst to more than a few settlements.  The right question at the right time, backed by subject matter expertise, can lift parties out of an entrenched position.

Early Neutral Evaluation and Litigation Risk Consulting

Legal counsel engage Arbitech to evaluate the merits of a claim or defense. Our experts provide a confidential report on the technical strengths and weaknesses of the matter and tell it like it is.

Our analysis of legal resolution opportunities can help you resolve a claim before it becomes too costly to manage.  We can also assist in developing relevant questions for discoveries. This may lead to early settlement.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Senior staff at Arbitech are qualified by ADR Canada and the Charter Institute of Arbitrators to provide neutral evaluations of claims.  We specialise in smaller claims.  Our quick, reduced cost, and timely decisions can maintain the relationship of parties.  As Project Mediators, our attention to disputes can allow the contract to continue with a competent dispute resolution professional at the reigns.  As a qualified ODACC Adjudicator we can expedite fair payment for work. 

Cost and Delay Claims

Your claim deserves an accurate and defensible third-party valuation.  Valuations  are based on well-recognized published data balanced against the experience of our experts who have been involved in construction.

Complex building systems combined with work in occupied buildings can greatly affect costs but the valuation must be realistic.   Our valuation allowed this building deficiency claim to settle for about one-third of the alleged remedial work costs.

Efficient Document Triage

Review of productions and claim documents for a claim can be a time consuming task.  Arbitech’s method of document triage accelerates our review and selection of relevant materials.

Impact of Altering Use and Occupancy

When you add a new building on top of an existing building you are adding additional layers of complexity as well.  Added costs and complications create deficiency and performance claims.  Arbitech can help you assess which party caused what problem causing what costs.

Building Code Dispute Resolution

Building Code disputes can be very complex. They can involve Owners, Designers, Builders, Manufacturers and Enforcement Authorities. Arbitech prepares clear and accurate opinion reports based on past and present Building Code requirements to help parties resolve Building Code disputes and to assist the trier of fact. Our opinion reports help the reader understand ‘what’ the Building Code requires and ‘why’ it is required. This often leads to quick resolution of disputes. Our experts have combined experience in all aspects of the Building Code including design, general review, enforcement, building materials evaluation and dispute resolution.

Tarion Dispute Resolution

When warranty disputes arise between homeowners and builders, Arbitech has the tools to resolve them before they escalate. Arbitech’s seasoned technical and legal expertise can provide homeowners with early intervention and independent mediation solutions.  We can also ensure homeowners access a more timely, cost-effective, and independent way to solve disputes by providing a less formal atmosphere with a more cooperative problem-solving approach.


Hot Tub & Expert Meeting Facilitation

Sometimes called “hot tubbing”, we provide an independent facilitator with subject matter expertise to guide experts toward:

  • points of agreement on process and results
  • scope and procedures for investigations
  • remedial work methodologies
  • costs for remedial work

Expert Witness

When a legal dispute involves technical, scientific or complex matters that require expertise beyond the understanding of the average person or the judge, expert witnesses are often called upon during trial to provide opinion or analysis of the available evidence. Arbitech’s team of construction claims experts are independent and highly qualified professionals who can appear as expert witnesses during trials, and you can count on them to provide impartial and unbiased opinions and testimony to assist the court in understanding the complex issues of your case.


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