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forensic engineering of BUILDING ENVELOPE

Building envelope failures are one of the most common forms of failure in buildings. They can be very disruptive to the operation of the building. Investigating these failures requires that forensic engineers have an understanding of building science principles, building materials, construction methods and the interrelationship between the building envelope and various other building systems. Our building envelope investigations include preparing an inspection and test plan that records all inspection and testing requirements relevant to the investigation. Relevant standards and acceptance criteria that are to be used in reaching our conclusions and opinions are included in our test plan. The investigation can involve both standard and non-standard tests. Our forensic engineering reports are factual and contain conclusions and opinions based on the entirety of the available evidence.

Building Envelope Issues

Whether your building envelope issue involves a commercial, industrial or residential building and whether the problem is due to water or moisture penetration or leaking, thermal bridging, poor workmanship, material degradation or damage from an unexpected event, our forensic engineers are here to assist you. Our forensic engineering team will examine and review all evidence and opposing expert opinions and tell it to you straight. Our forensic engineers can also provide you with abbreviated time to resolve and settle your building envelope-related claim.

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