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forensic engineering of high performance roofs

High performance roofs require the specialized technical knowledge to develop repairs to construction defects that fit the problem.  Sometimes a repair can be overly conservative and cost several multiples of the true cost to correct the defects.  Make sure that your repair strategy and actual damages align well with the claim. When in doubt, you can rest assured that our forensic engineers have the knowledge and experience to assist you with all your roofing issues.

High Performance Roofs and their Issues

Whether your high-performance roof issue involves a commercial, industrial or residential building and whether the problem is due to water or moisture penetration or leaking, poor workmanship, material degradation or damage from an unexpected event, our forensic engineers are here to assist you. Our forensic engineering team will examine and review all evidence, reports and opposing expert opinions,  tell it to you straight and provide you with abbreviated time to resolve and settle your high-performance roof claim.

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