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Mediation Support

While some mediators suggest that having your expert attend can stymie settlement, we disagree.  In fact, our attendance at mediations has been the catalyst to more than a few settlements.  The right question at the right time, backed by subject matter expertise, can lift parties out of an entrenched position. In support of mediation, our construction claims specialists can:

  • prepare mediation briefs;
  • provide negotiation advice and support.

Neutral Opinions

Have you wondered how strong your expert’s opinion is? Do you need assistance with mediation? Arbitech will review reports from your expert and opposing experts and tell you it to you straight. Our litigation consulting services have abbreviated time to resolution of claims. It could settle yours too.

Call us for a no-cost 30 minute consultation at 1-800-838-8183 Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, or submit a callback request.

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