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Technical Issues require technical Decisions

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Senior staff at Arbitech are qualified by ADR Canada and the Charter Institute of Arbitrators to provide neutral evaluations of claims.  Our quick, reduced cost, and timely decisions can maintain the relationship of parties.  As Project Mediators, our attention to disputes can allow the contract to continue with a competent dispute resolution professional at the reigns.  As a qualified ODACC Adjudicator we can expedite fair payment for work. Our construction claims experts are also experienced in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution, including: collaboration, negotiation, adjudication, med-arb, arbitration and mediation.

Neutral Opinions

Are you wondering if there is an alternative to litigation? Arbitech will review reports from your expert and opposing experts and tell you it to you straight. Our litigation consulting services have abbreviated time to resolution of claims. It could settle yours too.

Call us for a no-cost 30 minute consultation at 1-800-838-8183 Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, or submit a callback request.

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