Construction dispute resolution is taking on a new face. Experts are cautioned against advocacy and bias; lawyers are spending less time at trial and more time at mediations. The nature of claims is becoming increasingly complex with expert’s debate on technical issues chewing up time and plunging clients into settlements that are not only mutually disagreeable but often just wrong. If you have been looking for a more satisfying way to resolving disputes, Arbitech ADR may be your answer.  

Yes, Arbitech can provide Arbitration and/or Mediation services. And Arbitech does the classic “Expert” work for claims within our expertise. But there’s more. Arbitech will conduct a Neutral Evaluation of your expert reports and statements of claim and reply to give you an opinion on the evidence as it has been presented and where each party is strong and lacking support. This litigation consulting has abbreviated the time to resolution of many claims.

Arbitech also does Expert Hot Tub Meeting Facilitation. Jurors have recognized that, while expert evidence is an exception to the rule, expert matters should be settled by experts. They believe that experts for parties should meet and, by discussion, reduce the issues to only those that are salient and where opinions are in conflict. Expert Hot Tubbing is a new challenge for litigators as they are not participants. Arbitech uses team management techniques to allow experts to agree on scope of assessment, assessment methodologies, and the implications of results. Thus, the technical issues are contained and agreements reached long before the reports are written. Early and effective resolution has been achieved on claims that had potential to reach $10M.

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Gerald R. Genge, P.Eng., C.Eng., BDS, BSSO, C.Arb., Q.Med.  
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